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About Us

Shri Sainath Ayurvedic multispecialty hospital and infertility Centre is situated in city of Kalyan (E). Set up by DR. Madhuri Prashant Khatale is totally dedicated to the traditional science of Ayurveda. This hospital offers Ayurvedic therapy of P.K (Panchakarma) a five steps effective therapy of purification and detoxification of human body.
Our hospital offers variety of Ayurvedic treatments that reinstate balances and promote healthy living, with healthy ayurvedic atmosphere.
Our hospital offers rejuvenating and pacifying services and treatments.

About Vaidya Madhuri Prashant Khatale

I have completed my graduation in B.A.M.S. from Aurangabad University.
Since then I am practicing pure ayurveda. After being practically trained under the guidance of renowned Ayurvedic physicians, I started working as an Ayurvedic and Panchakarma Consultant in a small centre, which today is converted into an Ayurvedic multispecialty hospital (All Ayurvedic treatments under one roof).
My fields of interest are chronic illness, male- female infertility, diet and digestion for food health, skin diseases, allergic rhinitis, arthritis, weight gain, weight loss, hair fall, rejuvenation of body and mind with panchakarma.


  • Highly recommended treatment! I did a three week course (in-house) and the result has been wonderful. Most important thing is, the staffs are really good, very pleasant and always smiling.

    - Mr. Karan Verma, Mumbai

  • I would like to appreciate the good works and all the efforts taken by the staff for all the 21 days of my stay here with them. Their love and care for me was out of way with no words to express.

    - Mrs. D´Souza, Goa

  • I know the recovery process after a prolapsed disc is a long one and I trust Madhuri Madam completely when she says that in a couple of months I will be good as new. I would like to thank the whole staff for their care.

    - Mr. Anurag Raje, Nagpur